Athlete management
    We believe;
  • Performance matters. We see our role as doing what we can to help our athletes be the best they can be on the bike, the field, the ring, the boat; wherever they compete
  • In customer service. We tailor our service to the athletes needs, ranging from revenue generation to concierge services to business coaching
  • In understanding what success looks like in the long term. We create a plan with the athlete that optimises short term opportunities which support delivery of the longer term strategy
  • In using over 30 years experience of selling, negotiating and marketing to build the athletes brand and agree the right commercial partnerships
  • In giving athletes access to our network of professional service suppliers such as financial services, website design and management and legal services
Rights holders
  • We operate as consultants for rights holders, utilizing the experience of the team to create winning partnerships and deliver value for all parties
  • Our clients range from sports governing bodies to event owners to athletes
  • We utilize our extensive experience of board level negotiation, brand building and selling to understand your needs and develop and execute a strategy that meets those needs including;
    • Reviewing the proposition, identifying new revenue opportunities, defining a sponsor structure and developing the go to market communication
    • Targeted sales strategy matching rights holders and clients needs, through expertly presented propositions
    • Managing the sponsor relationship with the aim of further strengthening the partnership
Commercial consultancy
  • We operate as commercial consultants, with clients ranging from sports governing bodies to FMCG brands
  • We offer senior level experience to advise on a range of commercial areas including commercial strategy and delivery, brand building, proposition based selling and team development and coaching
Events and Speakers
  • Businesses and teams face different challenges, which have sporting parallels such as building winning teams, confronting the brutal facts or managing change. We can tailor and event to meet your needs, from a team building event led by an Olympic medalist at an Olympic Venue through to an inspiring after dinner speech or informal Q&A
  • We use our experience to support the athletes to seamlessly relate your business aims and their sporting experience to deliver the messages you want to deliver to get the results you need